Immigration Reform

Responsibility and Compassion

As with all other issues, Immigration Reform needs to be addressed with Godly principles in mind. This issue is of particular concern to residents of the 29th US Congressional District here in Houston, Texas.

For centuries, immigration to the United States of America was unrestricted. In the last 100 years or so, the US has passed a number of immigration laws. For a multitude of reasons, thereĀ  have been a largeĀ  number of people from contries in the Americas who have desperately desired to come to live and wqrk in the United States.

One of the main reasons people have been leaving Latin America countries and coming to the United States is to escape widespread violence caused by drug gangs. Many of these people are undocumented, but it is extremely unfair to refer to the majority of them as murderers and rapists. Those who commit serious crimes in the United States need to be prosecuted, imprisoned and deported when found guilty. Those who have supported themselves for many years and have become productive members of society should be given an opportunity to legalize their status.